ENERQOS SpA è una Energy Service Company – ESCo – che propone soluzioni innovative di efficientamento energetico. Sia l’impiego di capitale che i costi operativi necessari alla realizzazione dei progetti possono essere finanziati direttamente da ENERQOS tramite la condivisione con il cliente dei risparmi generati. In questo modo il cliente ha la possibilità di avviare il progetto senza alcun investimento/spesa iniziale.
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Work Methodology



Preliminary analysis

Enerqos identifies and prioritizes the energy-saving opportunities available to the customer on the basis of a preliminary analysis of energy consumption and possible technical solutions.

  • Energy consumption data analysis
  • Technical on-site inspection
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Findings shared with the customer
  • Identification of possible interventions

Industrial development plan

Enerqos carries out sector research to identify all relevant regulations concerning permissions and incentives in order to explore all the various financing options available and to develop a detailed financial and economic business plan of the identified energy solution.

  • Technical & engineering feasibility studies
  • Organizational analysis for the identification of authorization and regulatory prerequisites for obtaining TEE – Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates)
  • Drawing up of business plans for the economic and financial evaluation of return from the reduction in energy consumption

Project implementation

After completing the contractual aspects of the project, our Enerqos managers push forward efficient and functional management activities that ensure the implementation of the project within all parameters of quality, time and budget.

  • Selection, assignment & coordination of suppliers
  • Organization and monitoring of the progress of the project
  • Installation, commissioning, testing & certification
  • Customer training concerning the energy solution

Monitoring & maintenance

Enerqos is a trusted and highly qualified partner for monitoring, optimization and reporting on the operational performance of the energy solution implemented.

  • Monitoring & optimization of the energy solution
  • Ordinary & extraordinary maintenance
  • Measurement and verification of the energy-saving
  • Periodic reporting on the progress of the energy solution