ENERQOS SpA è una Energy Service Company – ESCo – che propone soluzioni innovative di efficientamento energetico. Sia l’impiego di capitale che i costi operativi necessari alla realizzazione dei progetti possono essere finanziati direttamente da ENERQOS tramite la condivisione con il cliente dei risparmi generati. In questo modo il cliente ha la possibilità di avviare il progetto senza alcun investimento/spesa iniziale.
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Our history

The origins of Enerqos have to be found in the initiative of a group of Tuscan friends in 2005. They started working on the realization of a dream of one of them, immediately shared by the others: the creation of a technological-industrial center in Tuscany. Six entrepreneurs, with important professional stories, but also six friends ready to change their careers and to risk their life’s earnings with a high profile project.

They looked for a name that represented a company operating in the field of energy, also able to achieve a higher quality of services. In October 2006 Enerqos was created, an acronym for Energy Quality of Services.

In the same year, the Italian Parliament gave life to “Conto Energia”, opening the future of renewable energy sources for a change of paradygm.

The first Board of Directors established the strategic line of the new company: entry into the FV EPC, combining the substantial excellence of the panels, guaranteed by high-level international partners, to a qualitatively unique service in the management of the power plant. The choice of the site, the planning, the control of the plant through a new concept of insurance agreements, represented an ambitious project of engineering that involved a great investment of human and financial resources.

During the first year, the acquisition of shares of a company that trade automation systems and control of the efficiency of energy plants, led to the installation at the technological-university center of Navacchio (Pisa) of a real remote control unit that could remotely monitor the PV energy plants built across the national territory. The “turnkey” system was defined and the company expressed its potential growth in the dual role of Operation & Maintenance.

Thanks to years of continous growth Enerqos achieved a turnover of over 100 million euros in 2010 and over 130 MWp of photovoltaic systems installed in Italy, with an important staff and a substantial Research & Development commitment.

Unfortunately the Government in charge in 2011 began to cut the incentives for photovoltaics and in 2012 cancelled them at all, opening up to a serious economic crisis, marking to a decisive phase for the survival of the companies operating in renewable energy field.

However, thanks to the support of CPE (a Private Equity Fund which became shareholder in 2009), a strong impulse was given again to the Company, moving the core business from the photovoltaic EPC to the energy efficiency.

In 2014 the acquisition of Greeenville marked Enerqos’ transformation into ESCo. Now Enerqos is one of the first 10 Escos in Italy.

In 2018 EG Holding became shareholder of Enerqos with 37% of the shares.