ENERQOS SpA è una Energy Service Company – ESCo – che propone soluzioni innovative di efficientamento energetico. Sia l’impiego di capitale che i costi operativi necessari alla realizzazione dei progetti possono essere finanziati direttamente da ENERQOS tramite la condivisione con il cliente dei risparmi generati. In questo modo il cliente ha la possibilità di avviare il progetto senza alcun investimento/spesa iniziale.
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The mission of Enerqos is to make a contribution to the environment by offering a competitive advantage to small and medium-sized enterprises through energy efficiency solutions.

Through the immediate reduction of the costs of energy supply Enerqos transfers value from large utilities to SMEs, freeing up financial resources that can be reinvested into the core business improving its competitiveness.

The company offers flexible and independent energy solutions designed directly to customer needs, promoting the development of medium and long term partnerships.

The “tailor-made” energy solutions include careful selection of the best technology on the market, the financial structuring to minimize the cost of capital, the procurement of all necessary permissions to start the project and the most comprehensive access to the various forms of incentive available at local, national and European level.

Our Principles

Enerqos is committed to 5 core principles for the success of our mission.

  • Independence in choosing the best technology solutions available on the market
  • Flexibility in the implementation of energy solutions that meet the customer’s needs
  • Value creation through the reduction of energy costs and the sharing of savings obtained thanks to energy solutions
  • 360° support for short to long term customers
  • Full financing for project implementation