ENERQOS SpA è una Energy Service Company – ESCo – che propone soluzioni innovative di efficientamento energetico. Sia l’impiego di capitale che i costi operativi necessari alla realizzazione dei progetti possono essere finanziati direttamente da ENERQOS tramite la condivisione con il cliente dei risparmi generati. In questo modo il cliente ha la possibilità di avviare il progetto senza alcun investimento/spesa iniziale.
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Our Company

ENERQOS is an Energy Service Company – ESCo – which offers innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency. Both the capital and operating costs required for the implementation of a project can be funded directly by ENERQOS, by sharing with customers the savings generated. In this way, the customer can start the project without any investment or initial expenditure.

The company, founded in Monza (near Milan) in 2006, has extensive experience in the planning, management, financing and monitoring of major projects in the renewable energy sector. This has been made possible by a unique combination of technical expertise, competence in managing specialist partners and financial structuring and a consolidated knowledge of all relevant legislation. This has led to Enerqos managing the implementation of photovoltaic systems, cogeneration and biogas projects as well as lighting technology for customers in various industrial and commercial sectors.

The company is controlled by CPE PE LP, a private equity fund that invests in small and medium-sized companies with significant growth prospects in the sector of the green economy in Europe.