ENERQOS SpA is an Energy Service Company – ESCo – which offers innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency. Both the capital and operating costs required for the implementation of a project can be funded directly by ENERQOS, by sharing with customers the savings generated. In this way, the customer can start the project without any investment or initial expenditure.
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The cost of electricity in Italy has gradually increased over the past five years to an average price of €0.20 / kWh, a significant cost for both industry and trade.

This increase is mainly due to factors not directly related to the actual price of electricity production (such as network service, taxes and general costs) and it is highly unlikely that in the medium to long term we will see a reversal of the trend as growing independent consumption will lead to a further influence of such factors.

A photovoltaic system designed to meet the customer’s consumption profile allows a reduction in the average cost of electricity to €0.14 / kWh in areas of central and southern Italy and €0.15 / kWh in areas of northern Italy, fixed for the next 25 years.

Enerqos boasts a constructive experience of over 130 MW of photovoltaic, for most of which today it carries out maintenance activities (ordinary and extraordinary) and performance monitoring.

Enerqos’ proposal

  • Design and implementation of a photovoltaic system optimized to meet the electricity consumption profile of the customer
  • Support in obtaining bank financing
  • Monitoring and maintenance service for the photovoltaic system

Benefits for the customer

  • Immediate reduction in energy costs and increase in company competitiveness
  • Protection against future increases in the cost of electricity
  • Medium to long term support from trusted and highly qualified partner
  • Improvement in the customer’s ‘green’ image

Case study

Project information

SiteIndustrial baked goods production
Estimated plant producibility* 1.200 kWh/kWp
Operating days5.5 out of 7 (estimated 79%)
Cost of electricity0.17 €/kWh
Annual company energy consumption250,000 kWh
Annual energy cost 42,500€ kWh

Proposed solution

Photovoltaic plant power200 kWp
Plant typesingle pitched roof
Total production in the 1st year (potenza per producibilità stimata)240,000 kWh
Enhancement of kWh under “net metering”**0.125 €/kWh

Benefits of installation of the photovoltaic plant

Total independent energy consumed18,.600 kWh
Savings achieved by consumption in the 1st year32,232 €
Total energy refunded through “net metering”50,400 kWh
Refund through “net metering” 6,300 €
Residual energy cost (10,000 kWh) 1,700 €



Savings in the first year in €

Priority areas

  • Full week daytime industrial production
  • Commercial businesses (department stores, outlets, car showrooms)
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals, care homes

*PVGIS data (http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvgis/) considering:

  • UAn optimal inclination
  • Azimuth of 0°
  • System efficiency of 82%

** the regime of “net metering”, regulated by Resolution ARG / elt 74/08, is a specific way to improve electricity consumption which allows the possessor of a photovoltaic system to achieve consumption by putting self-produced electricity into the grid which is not directly self-consumed but is subsequently withdrawn at a different time from that in which the production took place.