ENERQOS SpA is an Energy Service Company – ESCo – which offers innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency. Both the capital and operating costs required for the implementation of a project can be funded directly by ENERQOS, by sharing with customers the savings generated. In this way, the customer can start the project without any investment or initial expenditure.
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The electricity consumption for lighting in Europe is, on average, 20% of total consumption, reaching even higher levels in the case of school buildings and shopping centres.

A detailed preliminary analysis allows the design and implementation of high-efficiency lighting systems, appropriate to meet the needs of the customer by generating a significant reduction in electricity costs and maintenance.

Enerqos’ proposal

  • Design and implementation of high-efficiency lighting solutions on the basis of a detailed analysis of customer requirements
  • A financial solution customized to the specific requirements of the customer
    • Financing through Enerqos and a sharing of the savings, with a maintenance contract for the high-efficiency lighting solution for a period of 3 to 5 years
    • Co-investment by Enerqos and the customer and a sharing of savings, with a maintenance contract for a period of 3 to 5 years
    • Customer’s own investment with the option of a maintenance contract
  • Consulting regarding access to all possible incentives available at regional, national and European level

Benefits for the customer:

  • Increase in business competitiveness through the immediate reduction of lighting costs
  • Optimization of financial resources through access to different solutions, or qualified assistance in accessing credit, with no initial outlay
  • High-efficiency lighting solution customized to the customer’s real needs, with installation of the best products available on the market without contractual ties to suppliers
  • Optimization of the various planning and operational phases with Enerqos’ proven experience of project-management
  • Medium to long term support with the option of management and maintenance of the high efficiency lighting systems by Enerqos
  • Reduction of electrical loads on the network & lines
  • Extended duration of the installed high-efficiency lighting systems resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Decrease in stress of any auxiliary power groups and / or UPS installed
  • Improvement in the customer’s ‘green’ image

Case study

Project information

SiteShopping Center
Subject of the interventionReplacement of neon T8 tubes in the car park with LED technology
Operating days7 out of 7
Power-on hours10 hours a day
Number of lamps2,000
Lamp power & type58 W – 120 mm T8
Lamp life-cycle11,000 hours
Electricity cost0.17 €/kWh
Annual energy bill (per illuminazione parcheggio)72,000 €

High-efficiency lighting solution proposal

Number of lamps1.000
Lamp power & type56 W – LED
Lamp life-cycle 35,000 ÷ 50,000 hours
Annual energy bill35,000 €

Benefits from installation of the high-efficiency lighting systems



Saving Rate

per year


Savings in the first year in €


Priority areas

  • Underground car parks
  • Intensive indoor factory floor lighting (e.g. 24/7)
  • Industrial & commercial forecourt lighting
  • Street lighting
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