ENERQOS SpA is an Energy Service Company – ESCo – which offers innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency. Both the capital and operating costs required for the implementation of a project can be funded directly by ENERQOS, by sharing with customers the savings generated. In this way, the customer can start the project without any investment or initial expenditure.
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Mechanical Engineering

Thermal energy and electricity consumption have a considerable impact on the costs incurred by the mechanical engineering industry. Electricity is typically about 60% of the total energy consumption, mainly due to the use of electric motors and secondly due to lighting.

The adoption of energy efficiency measures, such as the installation of high-efficiency electric motors with inverters, the replacement of air-cooling with water-cooling and lighting improvements can lead to a significant reduction in costs and therefore contribute to an improved competitiveness.

The most relevant efficiency enhancements for enterprises in this sector concern: electric motors and inverters, lighting, cogeneration, biomass boilers, refrigeration, and photovoltaic.